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About this Shiny app
This Shiny app has been developed in the FIN-CLARIAH research infrastructure Work Package 3.5 'Developing analysis methods for text network analysis of political texts'. The contributors of this Shiny app and its underlying infrastructure are Pyry Kantanen, Markus Korhonen, Timo Ylikännö, Kimmo Elo.

We wish to acknowledge the following R packages that this Shiny app is directly dependent on:
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  • Additional thanks to the indirect dependencies of this Shiny app, i.e. the R packages and system dependencies that abovementioned packages rely on!

Source for the R code for calculating co-occurrence statistics:
  • Schweinberger, Martin. 2021. The Language Technology and Data Analysis Laboratory (LADAL). Brisbane: The University of Queensland, School of Languages and Cultures. url: